Our Mission

According to UNESCO’s statistics in 2019, the Gross enrolment ratio (GER) at the secondary education level is 87.6% in Pakistan which drops to 12.2% at the tertiary education level. We are working to put more Pakistani High school students into universities and helping them choose the right career paths so they don’t end up switching their careers after graduation.

Inspired by Znotes, which is working to end educational inequality worldwide, we want to end educational inequality in Pakistan (achieving UN SDG 4). 


  • Free mental health help sessions for students.
  • Loads of video content and podcasts.
  • Providing high school students with internship opportunities to increase their exposure.
  • Adding guides about various International Scholarships.
  • Information seminars in less-privileged schools.

End Goal

Partnering up with universities to build Pakistan’s first ever common application platform. We want to allow less-privileged students of Pakistan not miss out on various opportunities just because they can’t afford to pay application fees.