Kis Uni Internship Program

Don’t know how to make the most of your summer?


Intern with Kis Uni to develop new skills, make fruitful connections and volunteer for a noble cause! The internship is voluntary and ‘paid in kind’. All the interns will receive a highly coveted certificate on successful completion. The top interns will be awarded exclusive merchandise and an opportunity to join the core team.


Undergraduate students and Alevel/Intermediate students are eligible to apply.

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Perks of Interning at Kis Uni:

  • All our team members work remotely and study at different universities all around Pakistan. You get great networking and learning opportunities.

  • Experience of working in a high-paced startup environment which you can boast on your CV. 

  • Opportunity to learn about the booming startup scene in Pakistan from the core team.

  • Build communication skills and learn how to be a team player.

  • You get to meet high school students, learn from their experiences, increase your exposure and help play an important role in their lives.

  • A highly coveted certificate detailing your contribution and stellar recommendation letters


Requirements for an Intern:

  • Must be passionate to help society and create a positive impact

  • Be able to commit at least 10 voluntary hours/week. (flexible working hours)

  • Have a steady internet connection and a good device

  • Good communicator – not shy to ask for help when needed

  • Eager to learn and grow


Founder’s Associate
> Support the founder in day-to-day affairs.

> Acts on the founder’s behalf.

> Looks for opportunities to grow the startup.

>Aspiring Entrepreneur


Content Creator
> Develops video content for Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok.

> Comes up with video ideas.

> Collaborates with other content creators.


Graphics Designer

> Create posts for Social Media and Website.

> Develop template for future posts.

> Provide creative input.


Content Developer

> Reports to Content Lead.

> Write new university application guides with help of volunteers.

> Ensure existing guides are up-to-date.


 Social Media Content Manager

> Brainstorm ideas for new video content strategies for YouTube and Tiktok.

> Coordinate with Podcast Host and Production Assistant to ensure smooth releases.

> Develop social media strategies.

Recruitment Manager

> Reviewing volunteer applications, scheduling interviews, and onboarding.

> Develop recruitment strategies.

> Acts as HR.



WordPress Developer

> Update website with up to date content.

> Implement new features on the website.

> Support the tech lead.


Research Assistant

> Conduct research on different subjects.

> Gather credible information and organize.

> Conduct user surveys.

Marketing Officer

> Acts as Kis Uni’s ambassador.

> Help build Kis Uni’s positive image.

> Engaging in various groups and guiding students about the platform.

> Look out for new volunteers to join the team.


Don’t know what role suits you best?

Our work is much more than just these roles, make sure to

still apply and we will assess the role in which you can help us

based on your skillset and experience!