State of Career Counselling in Pakistan

Talking about counselling in Pakistan, we realise there is a minimal concept here. We know that education is a very significant part of one’s life, and it is even more essential to choose the right career for yourself, given that your entire future depends on it. 

Choosing a career is not an easy job; it takes a journey of self-discovery filled with passion and ambition to find out what you truly want to become. 

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, students cannot identify their potential independently, and there’s no one to help them in this journey. Their career choices confine to medical and engineering courses, but these fields aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Limited knowledge and lack of awareness about development in several professions can lead to wrong decisions and a lifetime of dissatisfaction.

World Education Services conducted a survey that has proven that only 6% of our youth goes on to receive university-level education, either because of a lack of resources or because they’re unsure about what they want to do. 

Finding the best university that could potentially become your alma mater is a stressful task. Some may find it frustrating and overwhelming, but worry no more because Kis Uni is the solution to all your problems!

How can Kis Uni help you?

Kis Uni is a social impact startup fostering an online mentoring platform for high school students in Pakistan. We connect high school students with university student volunteers and provide learning resources such as application guides and student-centric podcasts. 

The students must have a clear mindset about the various university programs so that it becomes easier for them to choose what they want to study. In this case, students should consider as many programs universities have to offer as they can, and that is why we, here at Kis Uni, have 10+ universities to choose from and 50+ mentors to offer their help. The mentors help students get into their dream universities keeping in mind their ambitions but also help students fill out financial aid applications. 

These students are the future of our country, so we consider it our responsibility to help them with whatever means we have and in whatever way we can.